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Gene description

Histone cluster 2, H2ab

RNA tissue category

Tissue enhanced (bone marrow).

Protein class

Predicted intracellular proteins

Predicted localization


Protein evidence

Evidence at protein level

Protein expression

Ubiquitous nuclear expression. RNA-based expert annotation could not be performed.

Data reliability description

Caution, targets protein from more than one gene. Correlation with RNA expression data cannot be evaluated due to technical limitations (poly-A tail missing).

Data reliability

Supportive based on 2 antibodies.
Lymph node
Cerebral cortex
Skin 1
RNA Protein

Expression (FPKM)

Organ system

Localization (score)



Liver and pancreas
Liver N/A
Gallbladder N/A
Pancreas N/A
Digestive tract (GI-tract)
N/A Oral mucosa N/A
Salivary gland N/A
Esophagus N/A
Stomach N/A
Duodenum N/A
Small intestine N/A
Appendix N/A
Colon N/A
Rectum N/A
Urinary tract (Kidney and bladder)
Kidney N/A
Urinary bladder N/A
Male reproductive system (Male tissues)
Testis N/A
N/A Epididymis N/A
Prostate N/A
N/A Seminal vesicle N/A
Breast and female reproductive system
N/A Breast N/A
N/A Vagina N/A
N/A Cervix, uterine N/A
Endometrium N/A
Fallopian tube N/A
Ovary N/A
Placenta N/A
Skin and soft tissues
Skin N/A
Adipose tissue N/A
Skeletal muscle N/A
Smooth muscle N/A
N/A Soft tissue N/A
Blood and immune system (Hematopoietic)
Bone marrow N/A
Lymph node N/A
Tonsil N/A
Spleen N/A
Central nervous system (Brain)
Cerebral cortex N/A
N/A Hippocampus N/A
N/A Lateral ventricle N/A
N/A Cerebellum N/A
Endocrine glands
Thyroid gland N/A
N/A Parathyroid gland N/A
Adrenal gland N/A
Respiratory system (Lung)
N/A Nasopharynx N/A
N/A Bronchus N/A
Lung N/A
Cardiovascular system
Heart muscle N/A

Antibodies in assay

HPA041189 , CAB011483

Other gene match

HPA041189 H2AFY2 - ENSG00000099284 [81%]
H2AFY - ENSG00000113648 [85%]
HIST1H2AA - ENSG00000164508 [96%]
HIST1H2AC - ENSG00000180573 [92%]
HIST3H2A - ENSG00000181218 [92%]
HIST2H2AC - ENSG00000184260 [92%]
H2AFX - ENSG00000188486 [96%]
HIST1H2AI - ENSG00000196747 [92%]
HIST1H2AG - ENSG00000196787 [92%]
HIST1H2AD - ENSG00000196866 [92%]
HIST2H2AA4 - ENSG00000203812 [92%]
H2AFJ - ENSG00000246705 [92%]
HIST2H2AA4 - ENSG00000272196 [92%]
HIST1H2AH - ENSG00000274997 [92%]
HIST1H2AK - ENSG00000275221 [92%]
HIST1H2AJ - ENSG00000276368 [92%]
HIST1H2AL - ENSG00000276903 [92%]
HIST1H2AE - ENSG00000277075 [92%]
HIST1H2AB - ENSG00000278463 [92%]
HIST1H2AM - ENSG00000278677 [92%]