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Annotated expression

Exocrine glandular cells:Not detected
Islets of Langerhans:Not detected

Presumed off target binding observed and disregarded.


Antibody staining

Antibody HPA000927


Antibody HPA001292


Antibody CAB013211


Antibody CAB016648


Antibody CAB073396


Exocrine glandular cells

Low   Not detected   High   Not detected   Medium  

Islets of Langerhans

Not detected   Not detected   Low   Medium   Not detected  


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overview Female, age 59
Sample 1
FPKM: 27.8
Cell types%
Exocrine glandular cells: 75
Islets of Langerhans: 10
Ductal cells: 5
Other cell types: 10
overview Male, age 60
Sample 2
FPKM: 9.6
Cell types%
Exocrine glandular cells: 90
Islets of Langerhans: 5
Ductal cells: 5