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Cell Image of the Month - It is Taco Friday!

Cell Atlas Image of the week Mitochondria

Antibody HPA021643 in U-2 OS recognizing TACO1 in mitochondria.

Today we highlight another part of Swedish or Scandinavian (food) culture - "Taco Fredag" or "Taco Friday". Doesn't sound Swedish to you? But staying in on a Friday night and having tacos with your family and/or friends is a thing here, and a big thing as it happens, with supermarkets having entire sections dedicated to this tradition.

So what other image to look at in this week's edition of the Human Protein Atlas blog than the one representing TACO1. TACO1 acts as a translational activator for the mitochondrial encoded cytochrome c oxidase 1, which is a component of complex IV of the mitochondrial respiratory complex. Deficiencies of this complex, which can occur after mutations of the TACO1 gene for example (Weraarpachai et al., 2009), are a possible cause for the development of Leigh syndrome (Willems JL et al., 1977). This severe neurodegenerative disorder is characterized by a progressive loss of both mental and movement abilities resulting in death within a few years (Dahl et al., 1998).

Explore TACO1 further in the Cell Atlas.

Read more about mitochondrial diseases in our previous blog post. We hope that you can enjoy your next taco friday properly. Smaklig måltid!

Christian Gnann