Science webinar: Antibody Validation and Addressing the Reproducibility Crisis



On April 11, Science magazine organised a one hour webinar on the topic of antibody validation in life science. Professor Mathias Uhlen and Professor Cecilia Williams, discussed the topic "Addressing the reproducibility crisis: Validating antibodies for life science research".

Antibodies are invaluable tools in the life sciences. There are several challenges that must be overcome to validate the specificity and reproducibility of antibody reagents, as emphasized by many publications, including a recent proposal from the International Working Group for Antibody Validation (IWGAV).

In the webinar, the following points were discussed:

  • The generation and validation of data used in the Human Protein Atlas
  • Problems related to the cross-reactivity of antibodies and the challenges they create for the interpretation of results
  • Enhanced validation of antibodies using five application-specific strategies.

The webinar can be accessed at the following link: Science webinar