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Movie of the month - The inner ear


Light-sheet microscopy has been used to visualize the 3-D anatomy of one of our smallest and most beautiful organs, the inner ear...Read more

Is omics and image analysis part of the game? - Interview with Emma Lundberg


In a recent podcast, Peter Toole from the Microscopists interviews Emma Lundberg, a professor at Stanford University in California as well as at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. She is responsible for the Subcellular section of the Human Protein Atlas and the focus in the interview is on her life, career, the importance of image analysis and spatio-temporal omics and how 300,000 gamers helped in determining the subcellular location of proteins in almost 33 million microscopy images...Read more

Image of the month - Testis


This month we will look into a protein expressed in testis called lamin B receptor (LBR). The analysis was performed with the new multiplex immunohistochemistry technique, which allowed us to characterize when and where proteins are expressed during spermatogenesis - the development of sperm. More in depth information about the technique can be found here!..Read more

A crowd-sourced competition to extract single-cell features from bioimages


In an article in Nature Methods, Emma Lundberg and coworkers described the results from a crowd-sourced competition (Human Protein Atlas - Single-Cell Classification) with the aim to develop machine learning models to label single-cell protein patterns in fluorescent images...Read more