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Is omics and image analysis part of the game? - Interview with Emma Lundberg


In a recent podcast, Peter Toole from the Microscopists interviews Emma Lundberg, a professor at Stanford University in California as well as at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. She is responsible for the Subcellular section of the Human Protein Atlas and the focus in the interview is on her life, career, the importance of image analysis and spatio-temporal omics and how 300,000 gamers helped in determining the subcellular location of proteins in almost 33 million microscopy images...Read more

A crowd-sourced competition to extract single-cell features from bioimages


In an article in Nature Methods, Emma Lundberg and coworkers described the results from a crowd-sourced competition (Human Protein Atlas - Single-Cell Classification) with the aim to develop machine learning models to label single-cell protein patterns in fluorescent images...Read more

The HPA at the Image-based Cell Atlas Meeting


The importance of mapping the human cell has become recognized as one of the key challenges in modern biology. Image-based assays offer a data-rich medium of studying cells and their proteins in situ. As such, several large-scale initiatives for studying cellular biology using image-based assays have been founded in recent years...Read more

CYTO2017 Image analysis challenge


We would like to thank all participants of the CYTO2017 Image analysis challenge co-organized by the Cell Atlas team. And congratulate the winner, Dr. Peng Qiu from Georgia Tech, who at the time of the challenge closing had the top solution for both Challenge 2 and Challenge 3.

Though submissions this year were high-quality, and showcased the multitude of approaches to such a challenge, there is still large room for improvements in the results and some sub-challenges remain entirely unsolved. Therefore, we have decided to keep the challenge open for another year! Improvements in downloads and scoring schemes will be made...Read more