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AL021920.2UPF0627 protein ENSP00000341061/ENSP00000339743 Not detected
AL137798.1UPF0627 protein ENSP00000341061/ENSP00000339743 Not detected
AL355149.2UPF0627 protein ENSP00000364708 Not detected
ASCL5Achaete-scute complex homolog 5 (Drosophila)Not detected
ATP5EP2ATP synthase, H+ transporting, mitochondrial F1 complex, epsilon subunit pseudogene 2Expressed in all
ATXN7L3BAtaxin 7-like 3BExpressed in all
BHLHA9Basic helix-loop-helix family, member a9Transcription factors
Not detected
C1orf227Chromosome 1 open reading frame 227Moderately tissue enriched
C9orf172Chromosome 9 open reading frame 172Mixed
CCDC160Coiled-coil domain containing 160Mixed
CTAGE8CTAGE family, member 8Potential transmembrane proteins
CTXN2Cortexin 2Potential transmembrane proteins
DEFB135Defensin, beta 135Potential transmembrane proteins
Not detected
DEFB136Defensin, beta 136Potential transmembrane proteins
Not detected
DUX4L3Double homeobox 4 like 3Mutated genes in cancer
Not detected
DUX4L4Double homeobox 4 like 4Not detected
DUX4L5Double homeobox 4 like 5Mutated genes in cancer
Not detected
DUX4L6Double homeobox 4 like 6Mutated genes in cancer
Not detected
DUX4L7Double homeobox 4 like 7Mutated genes in cancer
Not detected
FAM187AFamily with sequence similarity 187, member APotential transmembrane proteins
FAM188B2Family with sequence similarity 188, member B2Potential transmembrane proteins
Not detected
FAM21DFamily with sequence similarity 21, member DExpressed in all
FOLR4Folate receptor 4, delta (putative)Potential transmembrane proteins
Not detected
GAGE10G antigen 10Moderately tissue enriched
GAGE12CG antigen 12CModerately tissue enriched
GAGE12DG antigen 12DModerately tissue enriched
GAGE12EG antigen 12EModerately tissue enriched
GAGE12GG antigen 12GModerately tissue enriched
GAGE2EG antigen 2EModerately tissue enriched
GATSL1GATS protein-like 1Mixed
GCNT6Glucosaminyl (N-acetyl) transferase 6Potential transmembrane proteins
Not detected
GJE1Gap junction protein, epsilon 1, 23kDaPotential transmembrane proteins
Not detected
GOLGA8HGolgin A8 family, member HMixed
GOLGA8IGolgin A8 family, member IMixed
GOLGA8KGolgin A8 family, member KMixed
GOLGA8MGolgin A8 family, member MMixed
GOLGA8RGolgin A8 family, member RMixed
GRXCR2Glutaredoxin, cysteine rich 2Not detected
HOXC5Homeobox C5Transcription factors
IGIPIgA-inducing protein homolog (Bos taurus)Mixed
KRTAP16-1Keratin associated protein 16-1Not detected
KRTAP20-3Keratin associated protein 20-3Not detected
KRTAP20-4Keratin associated protein 20-4Potential transmembrane proteins
Moderately tissue enriched
KRTAP21-3Keratin associated protein 21-3Not detected
KRTAP22-2Keratin associated protein 22-2Not detected
KRTAP29-1Keratin associated protein 29-1Not detected
KRTAP9-6Keratin associated protein 9-6Not detected
KRTAP9-7Keratin associated protein 9-7Not detected
LIPT2Lipoyl(octanoyl) transferase 2 (putative)Enzymes
LRRC14BLeucine rich repeat containing 14BModerately tissue enriched

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