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Genei Gene descriptioni x Evidencei x Tissuei Braini Single celli Tissue celli Pathologyi Diseasei Immunei Bloodi Subcelli Cell linei Structurei Interactioni
CCDC80Coiled-coil domain containing 80
CFDComplement factor D
COL1A1Collagen type I alpha 1 chain
COL1A2Collagen type I alpha 2 chain
COL3A1Collagen type III alpha 1 chain
COL5A1Collagen type V alpha 1 chain
CREB3L1CAMP responsive element binding protein 3 like 1
CST3Cystatin C
OLFML3Olfactomedin like 3
SPARCSecreted protein acidic and cysteine rich
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