Choroid plexus


The choroid plexus is one of the circumventricular organs responsible for the production of cerebral spinal fluid and exchange of molecules between the blood and the brain. Also the area postrema located in the medulla oblongata is one of the circumventricular organs, but based on similarity in gene expression was grouped in the medulla oblongata region. Both from a whole body and brain perspective the choroid plexus has a unique cellular and molecular composition with specialized ciliated ependymal cells and transporter proteins involved in blood brain barrier functions. For more information and the choroid plexus from a whole body perspective the tissue section provides more information about anatomy and function and provides a list of choroid plexus elevated genes compared to all main tissues and organs of the human body.

Regionally elevated protein expression in human from a brain perspective

The transcriptome analysis shows that 78% (n=15744) of all human proteins (n=20162) are expressed in the choroid plexus and 371 genes show an elevated expression in choroid plexus compared to other regions of the brain.

Table 1: Number of genes within the different categories of regionally elevated expression, in human choroid plexus

Specificity Number of Human elevated genes
Region enriched 218
Group enriched 40
Region enhanced 113
Elevated 371