Protein classes

The protein classes show a summary of genes identified in various protein classifications. Each row shows the total number of genes for a particular protein class as well as the number of those genes with experimental data in HPA for the corresponding proteins based on antibody-based profiling. All protein classes have been categorized into three different tables: "Function and compartment based", "Disease and drug related", and "Evidence based". Clicking one of the numbers in the tables retrieves a search result with the selection of genes belonging to the class, along with additional data. For each class, where applicable, there is also a link to the original source of the gene list. A number of classes contain a selection of subclasses which unfolds when the parent class (shown in bold and with arrows) is clicked. Some subclasses (marked with an asterisk) are not included in the total number of genes for the parent class.

Protein class No of genes No of genes
with antibodies

Function and compartment basedi

Enzymes 3777 3532
Metabolic proteins 2912 2707 Metabolic Atlas
CD markers 384 341 UniProt
Blood group antigen proteins 31 27 UniProt
Nuclear receptors 49 48 NucleaRDB
Transporters 2138 1904 TCDB
Ribosomal proteins 180 176 UniProt
G-protein coupled receptors 743 381 UniProt
Voltage-gated ion channels 132 107 IUPHAR-DB
Predicted membrane proteins 5580 4520 MDM
Predicted secreted proteins 1891 1461 HPA
Predicted intracellular proteins 15894 14181 HPA
Plasma proteins 3750 3563 Plasma Proteome Database
Transcription factors 1485 1372 UMG
RNA polymerase related proteins 34 34 KEGG
RAS pathway related proteins 235 212 KEGG
Citric acid cycle related proteins 30 29 KEGG
Immunoglobulin genes 214 49 Ensembl
T-cell receptor genes 196 0 Ensembl

Disease and drug relatedi

Cancer-related genes 1672 1587
Candidate cardiovascular disease genes 155 145 Plasma Proteome Institute
Disease related genes 4906 4584 UniProt
FDA approved drug targets 854 768 Drugbank
Potential drug targets 1757 1639 HPA
Human disease related genes 4555 4239 KEGG

Evidence basedi

Mapped to UniProt SWISS-PROT 19325 16939 UniProt
Mapped to neXtProt 19266 16920 neXtProt
Protein evidence (Kim et al 2014) 12271 11670 Kim et al 2014
Protein evidence (Ezkurdia et al 2014) 11724 11256 Ezkurdia et al 2014