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Genei Gene descriptioni x Evidencei x Tissuei Celli Pathologyi Brain Blood
BRAFB-Raf proto-oncogene, serine/threonine kinase
HMG20BHigh mobility group 20B
DIEXFDigestive organ expansion factor homolog (zebrafish)
FIBINFin bud initiation factor homolog (zebrafish)
NCCRP1Non-specific cytotoxic cell receptor protein 1 homolog (zebrafish)
RIPPLY1Ripply transcriptional repressor 1
ALDH16A1Aldehyde dehydrogenase 16 family member A1
APELAApelin receptor early endogenous ligand
BAMBIBMP and activin membrane bound inhibitor
CNPY1Canopy FGF signaling regulator 1
COL22A1Collagen type XXII alpha 1 chain
COQ6Coenzyme Q6, monooxygenase
DOCK5Dedicator of cytokinesis 5
FOXJ1Forkhead box J1
GSE1Gse1 coiled-coil protein
KLHL40Kelch like family member 40
OTOGLOtogelin like
PES1Pescadillo ribosomal biogenesis factor 1
PHF21APHD finger protein 21A
PLXNA3Plexin A3
RAB18RAB18, member RAS oncogene family
SLC18B1Solute carrier family 18 member B1
TBC1D32TBC1 domain family member 32
TMX3Thioredoxin related transmembrane protein 3
UBE2HUbiquitin conjugating enzyme E2 H
WNT8BWnt family member 8B
ZBTB42Zinc finger and BTB domain containing 42
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