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Genei Gene descriptioni x Evidencei x Tissuei Braini Single celli Tissue celli Pathologyi Diseasei Immunei Bloodi Subcelli Cell linei Structurei Interactioni
A4GALTAlpha 1,4-galactosyltransferase (P blood group)
ABLIM2Actin binding LIM protein family member 2
ACER2Alkaline ceramidase 2
ACKR1Atypical chemokine receptor 1 (Duffy blood group)
ACSL5Acyl-CoA synthetase long chain family member 5
ADGRF5Adhesion G protein-coupled receptor F5
AGMOAlkylglycerol monooxygenase
ANK1Ankyrin 1
AP1S2Adaptor related protein complex 1 subunit sigma 2
APOLD1Apolipoprotein L domain containing 1
ARHGAP31Rho GTPase activating protein 31
AVPR1AArginine vasopressin receptor 1A
AVPR2Arginine vasopressin receptor 2
CASQ2Calsequestrin 2
CCL14C-C motif chemokine ligand 14
CDKN1ACyclin dependent kinase inhibitor 1A
CLEC1AC-type lectin domain family 1 member A
CLIC2Chloride intracellular channel 2
CTTNBP2NLCTTNBP2 N-terminal like
CYSTM1Cysteine rich transmembrane module containing 1
DOCK9Dedicator of cytokinesis 9
EBF3EBF transcription factor 3
EIF5A2Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A2
ELF4E74 like ETS transcription factor 4
EMP1Epithelial membrane protein 1
ENPP2Ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 2
EPAS1Endothelial PAS domain protein 1
FAM124AFamily with sequence similarity 124 member A
FAM241AFamily with sequence similarity 241 member A
FFAR3Free fatty acid receptor 3
FHL5Four and a half LIM domains 5
FYNFYN proto-oncogene, Src family tyrosine kinase
GIMAP5GTPase, IMAP family member 5
GIMAP7GTPase, IMAP family member 7
GIMAP8GTPase, IMAP family member 8
GIPC2GIPC PDZ domain containing family member 2
GUCY1A2Guanylate cyclase 1 soluble subunit alpha 2
HLA-EMajor histocompatibility complex, class I, E
INF2Inverted formin 2
KCNAB1Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A regulatory beta subunit 1
KLHL30Kelch like family member 30
LAMA4Laminin subunit alpha 4
LIMS2LIM zinc finger domain containing 2
MAP4Microtubule associated protein 4
MAPK12Mitogen-activated protein kinase 12
MCF2LMCF.2 cell line derived transforming sequence like
MEF2CMyocyte enhancer factor 2C
MFHAS1Multifunctional ROCO family signaling regulator 1
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