Bile duct cancer

The upper left dot plot(s) shows the consistency between the cancer type related cell lines and their corresponding TCGA disease cohort based on Spearman correlation and normalized enrichment score (NES). In the lower left is a list of the cell lines ranked according to their similarity to the cancer type. By clicking on a cell line in the dot plot or in the ranked list lollipop plots showing the activity of cancer-related pathways inferred using PROGENy and CytoSig cytokines for that particular cell line will be displayed. For more details about the analysis see Methods summary and information about all cell lines can be found here.

Cholangiocarcinoma (CHOL)

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Ranking Cell line Corr NES
1 SNU-1079 0.77 1.86
2 SNU-478 0.77 1.41
2 SNU-869 0.77 1.73
4 SNU-245 0.75 1.46
5 SNU-1196 0.75 1.23
6 HuH-28 0.73 1.39
7 HuCC-T1 0.73 1.05
Cell line SNU-1079
Patient: Male
Disease subtype: Cholangiocarcinoma, intrahepatic
Sample collection site: Biliary tract
Cellosaurus: CVCL_5008