Podcast: Mapping the Human Proteome

Photo: Novozymes

In a podcast from The Bio Report, Daniel Levine speaks with Mathias Uhlen, director of the Human Protein Atlas, about how the atlas is changing the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

In the interview Mathias Uhlen and Daniel Levine speaks about the recent updates published on the Human Protein Atlas. This update introduced ten sections and Uhlen specifically mentions the single cell analysis which enables researchers to look into the blood cells, the liver cells, etc. and see what proteins are defined in the single cell with much better resolution.

Mathias Uhlen also reveals "This year we hope to launch the Human Disease Atlas where we have studied 100 of the most common diseases in humans, such as cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases etc. and we have specifically looked at the proteins in the blood. We used the technology developed here in Sweden from Olink for mapping out the proteins in these different diseases. This is important not only to try to diagnose these diseases, and follow treatment of these diseases, but also to try to understand the underlying problem with these diseases."

Link to the interview