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Movember: Shedding Light on Prostate Cancer Awareness with Immunohistochemistry


The Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the Movember movement come together in a powerful and united front against one of the most prevalent men's health issues. Throughout November, individuals around the world grow mustaches, participate in events, and engage in conversations to raise awareness about prostate cancer and men's mental health...Read more

Antibody There? Mapping the Human Proteome with Mathias Uhlen


In this interview in GEN Biotechnology KTH professor Mathias Uhlén describes how his professional journey started out with protein production and engineering, continued in technology development for the Human Genome Project (HGP), before reaching its final destination in proteomics after the completion of the HGP...Read more

An AI-based poem about the Human Protein Atlas

In the spotlight

In the depths of our being, A microscopic world we cannot see, Where proteins reign supreme, And bring us to our knees.

The Human Protein Atlas, A treasure trove of information, Shows us the complexity, Of our cellular nation.

Each protein has a purpose, A task it must perform, To keep us healthy and strong, And shield us from harm.

Some proteins build our muscles, Others help us breathe, Some regulate our hormones, And make our bodies seethe.

The Human Protein Atlas, A guidebook to our core, Unravels the mysteries, That we've never known before...Read more

The HPA Director's Blog - summary of the year 2022


Despite all the challenges with raging inflation, high electricity and energy prizes and an incredibly vicious war in Europe, the HPA consortium can look back on a fruitful year with many new features and massive amounts of additional underlying data...Read more

Detecting cancer from a drop of blood - Interview


An interview with the Director of the Human Protein Atlas was recently published online in Technology Networks by the editor Molly Campbell...Read more