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The HPA data management system

A dedicated laboratory information management system (LIMS) was developed to handle the flow of samples in the HPA workflow, allowing thousands of samples to be processed daily. The HPA LIMS is a web-based, state-of-the-art platform and handles all the steps in the program, including production, analysis, and validation. All data processed by the LIMS are stored, including the noncompressed images. Visualization of the data is made both internally and externally through the HPA portal. The LIMS system is constantly updated to meet the needs of the program.

Key publication

  • Berglund L et al., A whole-genome bioinformatics approach to selection of antigens for systematic antibody generation. Proteomics. (2008)
    PubMed: 18655051 DOI: 10.1002/pmic.200800203

Figure legend: Schematic representation of the HPA workflow. The LIMS enables the thousands of samples processed on any given day to be followed through the workflow.

Key facts

  • The HPA LIMS system has evolved with more than 100 person-years of development invested
  • Barcoding is extensively used to track the flow of samples through the different unit operations
  • Tight integrations with lab instruments optimize production throughput and minimize risk of errors