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Csaba Adori receives the 2024 Lennart Nilsson Award


The neurobiologist Csaba Adori is awarded the 2024 Lennart Nilsson Award for his scientific 3D photography of tissues. The motivation states that he in the spirit of Lennart Nilsson combines the scientific aspects of tissue structure and its pathology, that contribute to the understanding of tissue anatomy, with the beauty of anatomical details revealed by artistic images...Read more

HPA keynote lecture at the ELIXIR-organized All-Hands-conference


The Director of the Human Protein Atlas program Mathias Uhlen delivered a keynote lecture entitled "HPA - implications for human biology, drug development and precision medicine" at the ELIXIR conference in Uppsala...Read more

Episomal stable pools in WAVE bioreactors for fast and robust protein production


Recombinant proteins are important resources in several stages of drug discovery as well as many other types of research. The amounts of pure protein required span from a few micrograms for immunisations to hundreds of milligrams or even grams for activity evaluations and structure determinations. Here a highly scalable process for protein production in CHO cells that generates robust product quality and high performance throughout scales is presented...Read more

ACTN3 - born to run?

Image of the Week

This week we turn the spotlight to the protein α-actinin-3. Encoded by ACTN3, sometimes dubbed the speed gene, α -actinin-3 is primarily expressed in type 2 "fast-twitch" skeletal muscle fibers. It cross-links and stabilizes actin thin filaments at the Z-line separating each muscle unit and is fundamental for producing the quick and powerful muscle contractions needed for activities like sprinting, jumping, and weightlifting (North, 1999)...Read more