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The State of Precision Medicine


On May 10th the Inside Precision Medicine magazine will host a free of charge webinar focusing on the current state and future of precision medicine and how to best use it to benefit patients around the world...Read more

Translational & precision medicine business breakfast


On April 25th the KI Science Park will launch their new networking forum Business Breakfast at Innomedicum, Campus Solna. The topic of this first get-together is the rapidly growing field of Translational & precision medicine, which renders a lot of new insights into human health and is a major foundation for new therapeutics...Read more

Lab & Diagnostics of The Future


On April 12th the Life Science Sweden annual and international partnering event Lab & Diagnostics of The Future will take place at Life City in Stockholm. With the ambition to achieve quicker implementation of new and improved diagnostics the event aims to promote dialogue between decision makers in healthcare, county councils, research, labtech and diagnostics, as well as the pharmaceutical industry...Read more

Webinar: Next generation pan-cancer blood proteome profiling using proximity extension assay


In an Olink-sponsored Labroots webinar Professor Mathias Uhlen will describe a novel strategy based on plasma profiling and machine learning that explores the proteome signatures of 12 major cancer types and then uses the information to identify all the individual cancer types as a first step towards new diagnostic tools for cancer...Read more

Science webinar: Developing a Spatio-Temporal Single-Cell Type Map of Adult Human Tissues


In a webinar hosted by Akoya Biosciences Dr Cecilia Lindskog will introduce the audience to the current multiomics workflow of the Human Protein Atlas and the recent efforts to introduce machine learning with the aim to create a detailed spatio-temporal map of the human proteome at the single cell type level...Read more