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Image of the month - Ciliated cells in the fallopian tubes


A recent addition to the single cell type section are the ciliated cells in the fallopian tubes. Ciliated cells in the fallopian tube play an important role in the female reproductive system, facilitating successful fertilization and transport of gametes. This time, we focus on the elevated expression of the genes forkhead box J1 (FOXJ1) and dynein axonemal intermediate chain 2 (DNAI2)...Read more

Microtubules and CAMSAP2

IF_CAMSAP2 U2OS HPA026511.jpeg

In this image of the month we focus on the microtubules and the protein CAMSAP2. Microtubules are filaments that, together with the other components of the cytoskeleton, provide structure and shape to our cells. They also play important roles in intracellular transport, cell division, as well as the formation of cilia and flagella. Microtubules are formed by the polymerization and lateral association of alpha - and beta-tubulin proteins into a hollow tubelike filament. Due to the end-to-end linear arrangement of the α- and β-tubulin dimers the filaments have a polarity, which is crucial for their dynamics and their biological functions ( Akhmanova and Steinmetz, 2015)...Read more

Movie of the month - Wiring of nerves


In this movie light-sheet microscopy has been used to visualize the mouse peripheral nervous system in 3D with Prof Patrik Ernfors explaining how this system develops, functions and is organized...Read more

Image of the month - SLBP in ovarian oocytes

Image of the Week

Newly added scRNAseq data of oocytes at the HPA has identified stem-loop binding protein (gene: SLBP) among the proteins with elevated expression in ovarian oocytes, supported by publicly available immunohistochemistry images...Read more

Image of the month - BSND in salivary ducts


In this image of the month we highlight the protein barttin, encoded by the BSND gene, which is involved in the development of Bartter Syndrome. Barttin facilitates reabsorption of chloride in the loops of Henle in the kidneys and secretion of potassium in the stria vascularis of the inner ear (Estévez et al, 2001 ). More recently barttin has also been found to be expressed in the salivary ducts (Shinmura et al, 2018)...Read more