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Genei Gene descriptioni x Evidencei x Tissuei Braini Single celli Tissue celli Pathologyi Immunei Bloodi Subcelli Cell linei Metabolici
ABHD5Abhydrolase domain containing 5, lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase
ABRAXAS1Abraxas 1, BRCA1 A complex subunit
ABRAXAS2Abraxas 2, BRISC complex subunit
AC013394.1Novel protein
AC068533.4Novel protein
AC069544.1Zinc finger and SCAN domain containing 29
AC090517.4Zinc finger protein 280D
AC092587.1Novel LIPT1-MRPL30 readthrough
AC092835.1Novel C2H2 type zinc finger protein
AC093323.1Novel protein, similar to Morf4 family associated protein 1
AC116366.1Novel protein
AC136475.9Novel protein
AC233723.1Novel protein
AFG1LAFG1 like ATPase
AIF1LAllograft inflammatory factor 1 like
AL139353.1Novel protein
AL157392.5Novel protein
AL158151.3Novel protein
AL162231.1Uncharacterized LOC730098
ALYREFAly/REF export factor
AMD1Adenosylmethionine decarboxylase 1
ANKRD13DAnkyrin repeat domain 13D
ARHGAP45Rho GTPase activating protein 45
ARID4AAT-rich interaction domain 4A
ARIH1Ariadne RBR E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1
ARL8AADP ribosylation factor like GTPase 8A
ARMC5Armadillo repeat containing 5
ARMH3Armadillo like helical domain containing 3
ARMT1Acidic residue methyltransferase 1
ATF3Activating transcription factor 3
ATG2AAutophagy related 2A
ATN1Atrophin 1
ATP23ATP23 metallopeptidase and ATP synthase assembly factor homolog
ATP5F1AATP synthase F1 subunit alpha
ATP5F1BATP synthase F1 subunit beta
ATP5F1CATP synthase F1 subunit gamma
ATP5F1DATP synthase F1 subunit delta
ATP5F1EATP synthase F1 subunit epsilon
ATP5MC1ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 1
ATP5MC2ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 2
ATP5MC3ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 3
ATP5MDATP synthase membrane subunit DAPIT
ATP5MEATP synthase membrane subunit e
ATP5MFATP synthase membrane subunit f
ATP5MGATP synthase membrane subunit g
ATP5MPLATP synthase membrane subunit 6.8PL
ATP5PBATP synthase peripheral stalk-membrane subunit b
ATP5PDATP synthase peripheral stalk subunit d
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