Project Discovery - a contribution to Science


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The proteins are the building blocks of life

The human body is built of organs and tissues, each organ and tissue constitute of groups of cells, and each cell is built from a set of proteins - the building blocks of life.

In total, the human body consists of 100 billion cells, in every cell the genetic code translate to a set of proteins that will give the cell its specific properties.

Our mission is to map all proteins in the human body to better understand health and disease.

In order to identify the subcellular localization of proteins in cells, millions of images have been taken within the Human Protein Atlas project. Researchers with special training manually review the images and categorize the localization of the proteins in the cells.

A new approach to speed up the annotation of the images is now released in Project Discovery.

Project Discovery is a collaboration between the Human Protein Atlas, EVE Online, and MMOS.

MMOS have provided the link between EVE Online, a massively multiplayer online game where hundreds of thousands of players fight battles in a universe of more than 7,000 star systems, and the science in the Human Protein Atlas.

We hope that a large number of EVE Online players will participate in Project Discovery, and by recognizing expression patterns in images, help bring science forward!

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