Keynote lecture - 6th Pharmaceutical Science World



Mathias Uhlen, Director of the Human Protein Atlas program, will present a keynote lecture on May 23 entitled "Tissue-based protein profiles – implications for human biology, drug development and precision medicine " on the 6th Pharmaceutical Science World Congress (PSWC 2017) in Stockholm, Sweden.

The focus of this yearĀ“s world congress will be " Future medicine for one world " including research and development related to systems approaches to drug discovery development and clinical usage.

The congress is organized by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and sponsored by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical science and educational organisations.

The congress is a venue where the leading pharmaceutical scientists from across the globe will meet to discuss the medicines of the future. What will be the breakthroughs and the pitfalls? How can we meet the biggest challenges?


For information check the PSWC 2017 conference program