17th annual PepTalk meeting starts on the 8 January

PepTalk meeting poster

PepTalk: The Protein Science Week is one of the largest annual gatherings of protein science researchers in the world. PepTalk attracts nearly 1,300 experts from academia, biotech and pharma who come together for one week of intensive learning and networking to discover new opportunities, apply alternative solutions, and develop promising partnerships. This event covers a wide spectrum of applied protein sciences with emphasis on upstream R&D engineering to downstream biologics production.

At the meeting, Prof. Sophia Hober presents "Optimization of an IgG-binding, Protein A-Based Purification Matrix" in the Protein Purification session. The presentation is focused on the recently developed IgG-binding domain the comprises a calcium dependent binding to antibodies and therefore can be used for antibody purification under mild conditions. In the High-Throughput protein production session Dr. Hanna Tegel will present a talk entitled "High-Throughput Protein Production within the Swedish Human Protein Atlas Project". This presentation will comprehensively describe the optimization and development of reliable pipelines for bacterial and mammalian protein production in a high throughput setup. The agenda of the PepTalk conference aims to ensure dissemination of research regarding protein science to a wide audience, paving the path for increased collaborations across national boundaries and provide inspiration to future research.

Sophia Hober