Emma Lundberg recognized as "Top 10 Under 40"

In the spotlight


Dr. Emma Lundberg has been identified as "Top 10 Under 40" by GEN. Together with nine other professionals in biopharma research/business Emma Lundberg has been recognized for her achievements.

Dr. Emma Lundberg is head of the Cell Atlas project within the Human Protein Atlas with research focusing on spatial proteomics and cell biology. She is presently a sabbatical visitor at the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub, and a visiting associate professor at Stanford School of Medicine.

Emma Lundberg's group, located at Science for Life Laboratory, is also currently performing a Citizen Science project called "Project Discovery" for classification of protein patterns in microscope images, integrated into the massively multiplayer online Sci-Fi game Eve Online with over 300,000 participants to date.

You find the full Top 10 list here GEN.