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Image of the month - ODF4 in spermatids


How can sperm swim? The outer dense fiber of sperm tails 4 (gene: ODF4) is one of the proteins thought to be important for sperm tail movement that propels the sperm forward. Multiplex immunohistochemistry technique enabled us to examine the expression of this protein during sperm development (spermatogenesis) in more detail than ever before...Read more

HSP60 - From Stress to Success


Proper three-dimensional structure of proteins is paramount to their function, and misfolded proteins not only lead to loss of that function but to aggregates that can disrupt cellular processes. In ideal conditions, proteins fold spontaneously into their native three-dimensional structures, driven by their amino acid sequence (Ellis, 1999). However, in the crowded and stressed environment of the cell, assistance is often required to avoid misfolding and aggregation. This week we highlight heat shock protein 60 (HSP60), pictured here in the mitochondria of U2OS cells. As a member of the class 1 chaperonin family, HSP60 assists in the folding of newly translated, imported, or denatured proteins in the mitochondrial matrix, particularly under conditions of stress such as high temperatures or UV light ( Hartl, 1996)...Read more

Image of the month - PF4 in platelets

News image of the month jan 2024 PL4 small intestine 3.JPG

Platelet factor 4 (gene: PF4) is a chemokine expressed by platelets (thrombocytes) - blood cell fragments that play a key role during blood clotting. Although its normal physiological role is not completely understood, PF4 is implicated in antimicrobial activity and life-threatening thrombosis caused by adenovirus vector covid-19 vaccines...Read more

The dual face of p63: A tumor suppressor or an oncogene?

Image of the Week

The p63 protein belongs to the p53 family of transcription factors and is considered a master regulator of stem cell maintenance and differentiation of epithelial tissues as well as a central player in oocyte fate determination. For years the role of p63 in cancer has been a subject of debate, as there are p63 isoforms with oncogenic functions while others have a tumor suppressive role...Read more

LRIT2 - a Gene Doe of the retina

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In this post we want to draw some attention to one of the rather unknown but interesting genes that we have encountered, the LRIT2 gene specifically expressed in retina...Read more