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Genei Gene descriptioni x Evidencei x Tissuei Braini Single celli Tissue celli Pathologyi Immunei Bloodi Subcelli Cell linei Metabolici
ABCA5ATP binding cassette subfamily A member 5
ABCC5ATP binding cassette subfamily C member 5
AC006486.1Novel protein
AC008878.1Novel transcript
AC008982.1Novel protein
AC092073.1Novel protein, readthrough between GPI and PDCD2
AC093668.1Novel protein
AC129492.3Novel protein
ACVR2BActivin A receptor type 2B
ADD1Adducin 1
AGPAT31-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3
AKTIPAKT interacting protein
AL139353.1Novel protein
AL672142.1Novel protein
ALKBH1AlkB homolog 1, histone H2A dioxygenase
AMIGO1Adhesion molecule with Ig like domain 1
ANK2Ankyrin 2
ANKHANKH inorganic pyrophosphate transport regulator
ANKRD17Ankyrin repeat domain 17
ANKRD26Ankyrin repeat domain 26
ANKRD34AAnkyrin repeat domain 34A
ANKRD37Ankyrin repeat domain 37
ANKRD46Ankyrin repeat domain 46
ARPP19CAMP regulated phosphoprotein 19
ATP2B2ATPase plasma membrane Ca2+ transporting 2
ATXN1Ataxin 1
B3GALT1Beta-1,3-galactosyltransferase 1
BBS2Bardet-Biedl syndrome 2
BCAS3BCAS3 microtubule associated cell migration factor
BCL2L13BCL2 like 13
BHLHE41Basic helix-loop-helix family member e41
BTRCBeta-transducin repeat containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase
C15orf61Chromosome 15 open reading frame 61
CA14Carbonic anhydrase 14
CACNA2D3Calcium voltage-gated channel auxiliary subunit alpha2delta 3
CAMK2BCalcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase II beta
CCDC127Coiled-coil domain containing 127
CCDC91Coiled-coil domain containing 91
CECR2CECR2 histone acetyl-lysine reader
CIARTCircadian associated repressor of transcription
CKAP5Cytoskeleton associated protein 5
CLASP1Cytoplasmic linker associated protein 1
CLCN4Chloride voltage-gated channel 4
CLK4CDC like kinase 4
CMSS1Cms1 ribosomal small subunit homolog
CNNM4Cyclin and CBS domain divalent metal cation transport mediator 4
CNOT4CCR4-NOT transcription complex subunit 4
COG1Component of oligomeric golgi complex 1
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